About Us

The Office of Residence Life & Housing is committed to promoting student growth in on-campus living.

  • We provide a safe and comfortable environment where resident students are provided the opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom. 
  • We help students navigate housing options, room assignments, and living together.
  • We support students as they transition to independent living by cultivating communities in which students are known, cared about, and connected to the community in which they live.
  • We rely on student cooperation to enable us to provide clean, comfortable, and secure residence halls.
  • We endeavor to facilitate an environment respectful of diversity which promotes morally responsible independent living.
  • We engage residents in intellectual inquiry, social responsibility, and cultural dialogues. Living together in residence halls, students experiment with advocating and expressing their thoughts, opinions, wants, and needs, while listening deeply and negotiating with others. As a result, students develop confidence, live more authentically, and are empowered to act according to their values and virtues.

Our Team

At Providence College, we have highly-qualified Complex Directors, Hall Directors, and Resident Assistants in each of our residence halls who serve as campus resources. These staff members develop communities that create lasting memories for our residents. In addition to serving as a resource, our Residence Life & Housing staff hosts programs in the residence halls, organizes community service opportunities, and advises the hall council where all resident students can get involved in developing their community.

The Office of Residence Life & Housing consists of the following organizational tiers: 

Central Staff consists of the full-time professional administrative staff leadership of the Office of Residence Life & Housing: Assistant Dean/Director of Residence Life & Housing, Associate Director of Residence Life & Housing, Assistant Director of Residence Life & Housing, Residence Life Coordinator. 

Complex Directors (“CD”) consist of full-time live-in professional staff members who supervise Graduate Hall Directors, Head Resident Assistants, and Resident Assistants. 

Graduate Hall Directors (“Hall Directors”; HD) consist of part-time live-in professional staff members who supervise Head Resident Assistants and Resident Assistants. 

Central Administrative Staff

headshot of Nedzer Erilus

Nedzer Erilus

Assistant Dean of Residence Life & Housing


headshot of Kevin Hillery

Kevin Hillery

Associate Director of Residence Life and Housing


John Mulcahey: Complex Director

John Mulcahey

Assistant Director of Residence
Life for Community Standards & Integrity


Live-In Professional Staff

Matthew Bourgeois

Complex Director
Guzman, McDermott, McVinney, Meagher, Raymond, and St. Joseph Halls


Jennifer Gomez

Jennifer Gomez

Complex Director
Aquinas, Bedford, Cunningham, Davis, DiTraglia, Fennell, Koffler, Mal Brown, and McCarthy Halls