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The Office of Residence Life

Mission Statement

The Office of Residence Life is strongly committed to upholding the Judeo-Christian heritage of Providence College and the traditions of the Dominican Order that celebrate the dignity and sacredness of the individual.  We strive to provide an atmosphere that promotes the academic, spiritual, and emotional growth of our college community.

We endeavor to facilitate an environment respectful of diversity which promotes morally responsible independent living.  We rely on student cooperation to enable us to provide clean, comfortable, and secure residence halls.

We consider our mission to be one of service to our students, as they contribute to the great legacy that is Providence College.

Central Administrative Staff

professional headshot of Jana ValentineJana Valentine
Director of Residence Life
professional headshot of Kevin HilleryKevin Hillery
Associate Director of Residence Life
headshot of Katrina AliceaKatrina Alicea
Administrative Coordinator

 Professional Staff

professional headshot of Glo BeauportGlo Beauport
Complex Director
McVinney Hall
professional headshot of Wes BoucherWes Boucher
Complex Director
Suites Hall
professional headshot of Beth SculleyBeth Sculley
Complex Director
West Campus Apartments
professional headshot of Horace Robinson Jr.Horace Robinson Jr.
Graduate Hall Director
McDermott Hall
professional headshot of Blake ShermanBlake Sherman
Graduate Hall Director
Guzman Hall
professional headshot of Christine NardiniChristine Nardini
Graduate Hall Director
Aquinas Hall
Sprofessional headshot of Stephanie Parenttephanie Parent
Graduate Hall Director
Raymond Hall