FAQ for Extreme Distance Students

1. What constitutes a “extreme distance” student?

A long distance or extreme distance student is anyone who is 5 hours or more driving distance from campus.

2. Am I able to return to campus early for breaks or move in?

Yes, generally we allow you to come back one day early to accommodate your travel time.

3. Am I able to stay after the halls close for breaks or move out?

Generally, yes.  If you live in a building that is open over the break we typically will approve you to accommodate for your travel time. If you live in a closed building, we generally approve you for one night after our closing date/time.  If you need to stay longer than that, we can work with you to find alternative housing in an open building.

4. Which buildings remain open during breaks?

For the current academic year the following buildings will remain open during breaks: McVinney, Meagher, McDermott, St. Joseph’s, Fennell, Bedford, Davis, Mal Brown, Ditraglia, and the odd side of Suites.

5. How do I submit a request to return early/stay late? When am I able to do this?

The break housing request is generally available 4 weeks prior to the start of break and is available on Residence.  Log into your Residence account to complete and submit the break request prior to the published deadline.

6. Where can I find out more about transportation service?

For more information on transportation/shuttles, please visit the Transportation Office.

While the above is a guideline for students who live at an extreme distance, we understand that not all situations fall in line with our general timeline.  If you have any questions about the above, or need approval for a break before our application opens, please contact the Office of Residence Life.