Study Abroad Housing Options

Housing Policy for Study Abroad and the Washington Semester Program

  • Students who have been approved for study abroad and require on-campus housing for either the fall or spring semester must choose an option and notify Residence Life through the housing application/selection process.
  • Students that do not select one of the following options prior to or during the housing application/selection process will forfeit their right to study abroad for the next academic year.
  • Students are only responsible for the housing costs during the semester that they reside in campus housing.
  • Students who study abroad for the entire academic year (both fall and spring semesters) do not need to participate in the housing selection process.

To be considered a complete group for housing selection:
The Apartment/Suite needs to be at ideal occupancy in the Fall semester.

Additional Options:

Option 1
Co-sign with a student who is studying abroad the opposite semester

  • Identify another student who is studying abroad in the opposite semester
    Example – if you are abroad in the fall, identify a student who is abroad in the spring and co-register for housing.

Option 2
Voluntarily overcrowd for one semester in Apartments/Suites

  • Apartments and Suites may be at maximum occupancy by no more than 1 person beyond the ideal occupancy
    Example – Applying for a 4 person Apartment/Suite, then choosing maximum occupancy for 5 people.
    Example – Applying for a 6 person Apartment/Suite, then choosing maximum occupancy for 7 people.
  • Maximum Occupancy groups in the fall semester will go through housing selection first.
  • Groups will select from Apartments and Suites configured for maximum occupancy.
  • Please note that groups who choose maximum occupancy do not get a financial rebate.

*Apartment/Suite must be fully occupied in the Fall*

Residence Life reserves the right to assign students as needed to any regular open beds if the Apartment or Suite drops below the ideal capacity (below 6 or 4).

Option 3
Allow Residence Life to place you

  • Complete a “Study Abroad/Washington Semester Housing Form” during the housing application process.
  •  Residence Life will notify you of your housing assignment prior to returning from study abroad.