First-Year Student Resident Assistant Program

*The First-Year Student Resident Assistant program will begin accepting applications for the 2023-2024 academic year in the coming months. Information will be sent to your Providence College email in the spring about how to apply. Check back here for updates!

As you prepare for your arrival to Providence College at the end of August, the Office of Residence Life and Housing is thrilled to announce the launch of the First-Year Student Resident Assistant (RA) Program. The First-Year Student RA Program is a singular leadership opportunity designed for select high-achieving, highly motivated, incoming first-year students interested in energizing residential campus culture by becoming a Resident Assistant during their first year at the College.

What is a Resident Assistant?

Resident Assistants at Providence College represent the elite student leader group on campus responsible for the cultivation of community within the residence halls, serving as a critical resource and referral agent, campus culture broker, safety & security agent, and facilitator of social, academic, and spiritual success. The Resident Assistant position is a transformative way to support and inspire others as a role model, resource, and trailblazer of the campus community. RAs at PC are premiere student leaders that showcase involvement and investment in the PC experience, from large campus events to making connections with the unique perspective of every resident they engage. As an RA, you would facilitate peer-to-peer experiential learning, develop innumerable transferrable skills that apply to countless job and career fields, and position yourself to leave a legacy that truly shapes the future of Friartown.

What kind of responsibilities do RAs have?

RAs work with their teams to identify the needs of their community and ensure that residents are safe, comfortable, and engaged through connection. They maintain formal and informal connections to residents through responsibilities like duty, during which they complete rounds of their assigned residential community; or simply by maintaining an accessible presence in the residence halls for any residents finding themselves in need of assistance or socializing. RAs also stimulate residents’ connection to campus-wide events and perform intentional conversations with residents across the gamut of their collegiate experience.

What are the benefits of joining the First-Year Student RA Program?

  • Invaluable development of hard and soft skills that enable RAs to become an invaluable asset to any career or educational program they choose to pursue.
  • The opportunity to provide support and guidance to residents and take meaningful steps toward being the change they want to see in their community.
  • Unforgettable, dynamic relationships with peer RAs, residents, and professional staff.
  • Early-access connections to peer and administrator mentors.
  • Remuneration of the cost of housing (minus taxes) via bi-weekly paychecks.
  • An “Anytime Dining” meal plan grant that covers the total cost of the meal plan.

Will First-Year Student RAs experience the RA position differently?

The Office of Residence Life and Housing values the First-Year student experience as imperative to the development and growth of all students, including its Resident Assistants. To that end, we are committed to tailoring the First-Year Student RA Program experience to your gradual growth and full-fledged transition to the RA role simultaneously with your orientation to and familiarity with the Providence College social, academic, and spiritual experience.

Were you selected for the program, starting in August you would receive comprehensive training through a paraprofessional cohort model via our standard RA training, with additional intentional training sessions geared towards integrating you to the Providence College culture. This training will continue throughout the academic year in the form of weekly meetings with Residence Life and Housing staff to further familiarization with the College community, check in with your academics, and provide support and guidance to essential role responsibilities in an effective balance with your academic rigor. First-Year Student RAs will also conduct Community Monitor shifts for the fall semester in lieu of duty shifts. This transitional responsibility is intended to facilitate pacing for your work/academic schedule, while acculturating you to the campus safety and security apparatus in a gradual format.

Sound like an awesome debut at Providence College?

If it does, then we strongly encourage you to talk with your parent(s) or guardian(s) about applying now! Applications are open, and we can’t wait to roll out the red carpet for your arrival to Providence College!

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