Off-Campus Living: General Safety Information

Neighborhood Safety Information​​

The link below lists the types of crimes being reported in specific areas.

  1. Go to SpotCrime​​
  2. Create an account by entering your email address
  3. Enter your off-campus address
  4. Once your account is set up, go to “my profile” and change radius from 5 miles to 2 miles (this covers area where most students live).
  5. A list of recent crime within a 2 mile radius from your address will show up on the map. You are able to click on the crime icons to see the exact location, time, and type of crime that was committed. ​

Fire Safety

The Providence Fire Department asks every college student and their family members to check the following life safety items:​

Smoke Detectors:

  • ​Ensure that there are smoke alarms in every bedroom and on every level of the building.  In most fatal fires, the smoke alarms are missing, disabled or have a dead battery. Smoke detectors are the first line of defense. It is important that you test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure that they are working properly. It is recommended that you replace all batteries at least once a year.​


  • Ensure there are two ways out of every bedroom and keep in mind that the second way out may be a window. If a window is the second way out, does it open? Is it blocked by an air conditioner? Can you climb out of it? Are there security bars on the window? If the bedroom is on a second or third floor, do you have an escape ladder? These can be purchased online or in a home improvement store. Is there a second way out of the house or unit? Every apartment must have two ways out. Is the second way out blocked by storage in the stairs such as bicycles or trash cans? You should create a fire escape plan and keep stairwells and hallways clutter free to ensure a safe and quick escape route.​

Fire Causes:

  • The leading cause of all home fires is cooking. Inspect the condition of the stove and do not leave cooking equipment unattended. What about the electrical service? Can the electrical service handle the load or demand of the outlets? Having multiple extension cords or strip cords can create a hazardous condition. Another leading cause of all fatal house fires is cigarette smoking. A contributing factor in college related fires starts with upholstered furniture on porches, decks, bedrooms and living rooms.

Please click here for Fire Safety Tips from the Providence Fire Department

Please contact the Providence Fire Marshal’s office with questions or concerns at 401-243-6050. The Providence Fire Department can provide smoke detectors to anyone who cannot afford one.​

Personal Safety


  • Do not go out walking or jogging alone after dark. Ask a friend or a group of friends to accompany you.
  • Make arrangements to get a ride from a friend, take the PC shuttle bus, or use public transportation. Wait for the ride with a friend.
  • Take main streets. Avoid shortcuts and dark or isolated spots.
  • Walk in the middle of the sidewalk to avoid accessibility of cars pulling up or people hiding in parked cars, doorways, or bushes.
  • Ignore strangers who may call out to you, whether they are on foot or in a car.
  • Look alert while walking ready to exit if trouble develops. Be aware of your body language. Look strong and aggressive. Walk confidently and briskly.
  • Don’t ever hitchhike no matter what time of day.
  • If you must walk in an unfamiliar neighborhood, try to plan your route in advance.
  • If you feel as though you’re in danger of being followed by someone on foot, cross the street, change direction, vary your pace.
  • Don’t be afraid to knock on a door or enter a lighted store and call police.
  • If someone in a car follows you, turn around and walk the other way, or go up a one-way street. If he persists, record the license number and call the police.


  • Always keep exterior as well as interior doors locked.
  • Never leave apartment doors propped open for friends.
  • Always keep apartment/basement doors and windows locked, even when taking a short nap or if alone.
  • Never leave keys for roommates outside of apartment.
  • Leave a radio and light on when you go out, so that people will think that someone is home.
  • During vacation, remove stereos, televisions, computers, and all valuables from residence.
  • Use an electrical timer for a lamp to be lit when the apartment is vacant.
  • Never let anyone into the apartment before finding out who it is.
  • Use the PC shuttle bus when leaving the library/campus at night
  • At night, have your keys ready before you get to your door.
  • Get to know the students and neighbors in your building and become acquainted with their schedule of being home.
  • Encourage your landlord to provide lighting in the entrance to your apartment/stairway/driveway.
  • If you receive obscene phone calls, hang up and call the police.
  • Notify the police if any unfamiliar person is hanging around your building.
  • Pull down window shades at night.