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Information for Students with Physical and Learning Disabilities

Providence College is committed to serving students to the highest potential of its staff and facilities abilities. Because of this, Providence College recognizes that no two students are the same and, furthermore, that each candidate for admission is defined by a different combination of skills, abilities, experiences, and potential. Students with learning, physical, or psychological disabilities may need reasonable accommodations or services to ensure equal access to Providence College’s educational programs.

To learn more about the process for requesting an accommodation, and/or to request an accommodation, please visit Providence College’s Disabilities Accommodations page.

Requests for Residential Accommodations should be submitted on time for full consideration.  It may be difficult to accommodate late requests, especially after housing assignments have been completed.  The submission deadlines are:

  • Semester: Fall     Submit by: March 1  (July 1 for new students)
  • Semester: Spring     Submit by: November 1
  • Semester: Summer     Submit by: May 1