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Special Interest Housing Cohorts

First-year students can choose to live within a special interest housing cohort which provides students with common interests the opportunity to live within proximity to each other in first-year traditional residence halls.  Students will have access to both faculty and administrators who share their interests.

The Humanities

The Humanities special interest housing cohort is for first-year students who are interested in the study of human culture.   This cohort is for students who have a passion for philosophy, literature, religion, art, history, language, and/or music.  Students will have the opportunity to interact with faculty outside of the classroom and attend performances, lectures, events, dinners, and specifically the Providence College Humanities Forum.  Students will also be invited to participate in a one credit seminar and attend dinners with faculty, students and guest speakers.

Citizenship and Community Service

The Citizenship and Community Service special interest housing cohort is for first-year students who are interested in serving in the local community on an ongoing basis. This cohort will partner with organizations and agencies alongside faculty, administrators, community leaders, and other students who have previously established relationships.

Well-Being and Human Flourishing

The Well-Being and Human Flourishing special interest housing cohort is for  first-year students who  want to maintain balance in their lives and is supported by professional and student staff in intramurals, club sports, fitness, student health, and counseling.  This cohort will examine and practice ways to stay physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy – in other words to flourish as a Providence College Friar!

Why Science Matters

The Why Science Matters special interest housing cohort is designed for first-year students who have a passion for the sciences. Along with faculty and upperclass students, first year students residing in this cohort will explore science outside of the classroom using group research, field experiences, and group discussions.

Cultural Agility

The student lead organization BMSA (Board of Multicultural Student Affairs) is proud to serve as the umbrella to groups like Afro-Am, ArmS (Armenian Society), Asian-Am, Circolo Italiano, Fete Francaise, Gaelic Society, Hellenic, MESA (Middle-Eastern Student Association), OLAS (Organization of Latin American Students), and PALS (Portuguese Alliance of Lusophone Students), SOAR (Students Organized Against Racism), ISO (International Students Organization), Motherland Dance Group, and S.H.E.P.A.R.D. (Stopping Homophobia, Eliminating Prejudices And Restoring Dignity.  The Cultural Agility special interest housing cohort seeks to replicate the symbiotic energy of this culturally diverse organization within the residence halls alongside with faculty, administrators, and student leaders.  First-year students will participate in programs, field experiences, and engage in conversations that promote cultural agility.