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Updated October 2023

Members of the Class of 2026 (current sophomores) can apply to live off-campus during their junior year at Providence College starting November 1, 2023. There are a limited number of openings available – this is a competitive application process available only to members of the Class of 2026 (current sophomores).

Only AFTER being approved by The Office of Residence Life & Housing can a current sophomore student sign a lease for their junior year.

Junior Year Off-Campus Living Application Process

Email a response to the following questions:

  • Why is living in off-campus housing important to you?
  • Please review the State of RI Social Host Laws (available here) and the City of Providence Public Nuisance Ordinance (available here). Please acknowledge that you understand these laws and ordinances and will abide by them if granted permission to reside off-campus.
  • What plan do you have to maintain and respect the off-campus community environment? Please describe specific ways you will demonstrate respect for the neighboring community.

The application can come from one representative speaking on behalf of a group intending to live together. By submitting the application, the representative acknowledges they have consulted with the group, and the group consents and agrees to the statements written. Please include the name of each group member at the bottom of the application as signatures from all members of the group. All members of the group must be CC’d on the email application.

The Office of Residence Life & Housing will review all applications and a decision will be returned to the group via email. Only AFTER being approved by The Office of Residence Life & Housing can students sign a lease for their junior year.

Once you have signed a lease with a landlord, email with the following:

  • The address of your apartment
  • The landlord’s name and contact information