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Become a Resident Assistant

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What is a Resident Assistant (RA)? 

Resident Assistants at Providence College are the highest paid student employees on campus. They are key staff members in the Office of Residence Life and are highly visible in our residential communities. RAs are directly supervised by a live-in Complex Director (CD) in their residence hall or area and serve as a mentor and resource to their peers. RAs are expected to foster meaningful and positive peer relationships in the residence halls and help ensure our residence halls are safe and comfortable places to live and learn. 

Resident Assistants are assigned a maximum average of twenty (20) hours per week while classes are in session over the course of the fall and spring semesters while also maintaining a high level of campus visibility and accessibility. As such, the Resident Assistant position represents a significant time commitment. This may require a staff member to consider limiting other commitments which may require significant time in order to be most successful as a student. 

Resident Assistant Eligibility 

Enrolled as a full-time, degree-seeking sophomore, junior, or senior student, as defined by the Office of the Registrar. Resident Assistants must remain in good academic standing (semester and cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better) and good disciplinary standing with Providence College and the Office of Residence Life & Housing.
The role and responsibilities of the Resident Assistant is framed within the College-minimum standard of 12-credit hours attempted per semester, and College recommendation of 15-16 credit hours per semester to graduate in 4 years. Resident Assistants exceeding 16 credit hours per semester are responsible for making any necessary adjustments to ensure they can perform the role and responsibilities of the Resident Assistant position to standard.
Pass a background check and review of student conduct history prior to beginning employment.

Resident Assistant Conditions of Employment 

The Resident Assistant position is the only form of on-campus work permitted during the academic year except for break periods when the College is not in session as guided by the Office of Financial Aid and College policy. This does not include volunteer or other non-paid work. Resident Assistants are permitted to work off-campus provided Resident Assistants demonstrate the requisite willingness to manage the RA position as the priority.
Report directly to the Graduate Assistant Hall Director and Complex Director.
Check Microsoft Teams and email, at minimum, once daily, and respond appropriately.

Community Cultivation Responsibilities 
  • Plan, organize, and conduct community development and engagement initiatives as appropriate for the assigned area (i.e. programs, peer-to-peer conversations, etc.).
  • Design, develop, distribute, monitor, and maintain bulletin boards (where applicable) and door decorations for their assigned area as directed.
  • Facilitate community meetings for their assigned area.
  • Facilitate and build community standards amongst residents (e.g., Community Agreements, Roommate Mediations, and Roommate Agreements).
  • Serve as a resource, referral, and communication agent between residents, campus partners, and the Office of Residence Life & Housing.
  • Assist in identifying barriers to satisfactory academic success and healthy social relationships within their assigned community and residence hall.
  • Support the mission of the College and initiatives of the Division of Student Affairs
On-Call & Crisis Management 
  • Serve on a rotating evening duty schedule for weekdays and weekends in the RA’s assigned area.
  • Respond to crises and emergencies as directed in established protocols or as directed by The Office of Residence Life & Housing or other College personnel.
  • Abide by, role model, and enforce college policies and protocols.
  • Identify, report, and correct facilities, safety, and security concerns as directed in established protocols or as directed by The Office of Residence Life & Housing or other College personnel.
  • Assist with fire alarm testing, evacuation (fire) drills, and Health and Safety inspections each semester.
  • Assist in developing strategies to mediate interpersonal or intrapersonal conflict.
General Position Responsibilities 
  • Attend staff development activities and training sessions which will require early arrival to campus for the fall and spring semesters.
  • Attend weekly Residence Life & Housing staff meetings.
  • Attend regular one-on-one meetings with Complex Director or Hall Director.
  • Assist with move-in and closing operations at the beginning and end of each semester and college breaks.
  • Assist with ambassadorship events such as Open House, Admitted Students Day, Family Day, etc., and other Admissions events as assigned.


The Office of Residence Life & Housing is continuing to accept applications for the RA position on a rolling basis. We are searching for motivated student leaders to fill positions in our male traditional halls for the 2024-2025 academic year and seeking applicants for alternates in all halls. To be considered, please submit your application here today!

Please email with questions.

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