Early Arrival Policy

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It is the responsibility of students to plan their travel in accordance with their assigned move-in dates and in accordance with the Residence Life Housing Calendar.

Only a limited number of early arrival requests are granted, and students must meet certain criteria.

You May be Eligible for Early Arrival If…

  • You live an extreme distance from the College. Extreme distance students are permitted to request to arrive one day prior to their scheduled move-in date. (See Extreme Distance FAQ for more information)
  • You are an international student.
  • You are a part of an approved student group who has been granted early arrival permission (e.g., pre-orientation programs, orientation leaders, resident assistants, athletics teams in season, etc.). Eligible students in this category do not need to request early arrival as the faculty or staff member working with the group will apply for early arrival on behalf of the group.
  • You are employed on-campus and you have received authorization to begin work prior to the start of the semester.  Your supervisor must verify your dates of employment via an email to reslife@providence.edu.

Early arrival requests are not typically granted for the following reasons:

  • To accommodate students’ or their families’ vacation schedules.
  • Because a roommate or roommates have been approved for early arrival.
  • To accommodate transportation preferences.

Alternatives to Early Arrival

We recognize the assigned move-in dates/opening dates may not always be the most convenient date for some students and families—particularly those who are assisted by family or friends.  However, the campus is best equipped to serve students who move in on these dates. Before requesting early arrival or if you are rejected from early arrival, please consider the following alternatives:

  • Traveling to campus on public transportation. For fall move-in, research using public transportation and bringing just the essentials. Consider the UPS Ship Ahead program or having a friend or family member visit campus with the remainder of your belongings soon after the semester begins.
  • Staying in a hotel or Airbnb prior to your scheduled move-in/opening date.
  • Exploring the possibility of revising your conflicting plans so that they may align with your assigned move-in date/opening date. 

Applying for Early Arrival

Students who believe they meet the criteria for early arrival may apply on eRezLife by accessing the Early Arrival Request form on the left-hand side. Both approved and rejected early arrival requests will receive notification of request status via email; submitting a request DOES NOT guarantee that your request has been approved.