Break Housing Policy

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Break housing will be provided for students who meet the stated criteria, apply for break housing on eRezLife, and are approved. Just because you apply for break housing does not mean you are approved.

You may be eligible for Break Housing if you are…

  • In an academic class that ends after the residence hall closing date & time
  • An athlete on an athletic team in season
  • Student Teacher
  • International Student
  • Student whose home state is an extreme distance (see the Extreme Distance FAQ to learn more)
  • Employed on campus (supervisor and department must be included on request)
  • Academic-based internship for credit (internship site and hours must be included on request)

Break Housing Application & Deadlines

All break housing requests must be submitted by logging into eRezLife and submitting a Break Housing Application prior to the deadlines outlined on the Residence Life Housing Calendar. Requests received after the deadline may not be eligible for consideration. Submitting a request DOES NOT guarantee that your request has been approved.

What is the cost for Break Housing?

There is no cost for students who have been pre-approved for break housing. Any student found to be occupying campus housing without authorization during any part of a break will be assessed a $200.00 per day penalty in addition to possible judicial sanctions.

Break Housing Guest Policy

Residents who are approved for break housing are not allowed visitors. The only exception is another on-campus approved break housing student. That exception to the non-visitation policy ends at 11:30PM each night.

Residents are reminded that if they do not follow established procedures during the Break Housing period, they could be removed from campus for the remainder of the break period. The Providence College Student Handbook applies during break/vacation housing.