Create Your Roommate Housing Group

You should form a housing group based on your “top choice” of group size and preferred building type, however, be prepared to make changes to your group size on selection day based on what is available at your specific lottery time.

  • Students must first complete their housing application to be able to be part of a group.
  • Squatting Rights is when a student wants to stay in his/her current room for next year’s housing. The next year housing must be filled to occupancy in the fall semester. For Example: If a student is currently living in Davis 202 then he/she can request to live in Davis 202 next year if the apartment is filled to occupancy in the fall semester. Please  if you have questions.
  • Every student received a housing selection time. The earliest time picks the housing. This person does not need to be the group “Owner”.  If you cannot pick your top choice at your housing selection time then you can adjust the group for other housing.
  • Abroad Fall and Spring students are identified by Residence Life through information provided by the Office of Global Education.
  • If you have questions about how to find roommates or need help finding a roommate, click here.
  • Keep in mind that a good number of students are placed or relocated after Housing Selection Day.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How to Create Your Group

  • After you have completed Fall semester Housing Application in eRezLife, the “Roommate Groups” option is then located on the left hand menu under the “Housing” option.​
  • One person in each group is to Click “Create New Roommate Group”.
  • If you are the person starting the group you type in a Group Name. 
  • Follow the directions to add all students that will be living with you next year.
  • If you are joining a group already started, then you do not start another group. You click to accept invitation to your future roommates’ group.
  • Make sure to click SAVE before you exit.
  • All members of the group must accept the roommate invitation and have a GREEN CHECK MARK next to their name.

Probability of getting your top housing choice

  • 6 Person Apartments: Higher odds go to groups that can fill both the Fall and Spring Semesters. Mostly Seniors and Juniors.
  • 4 Person Apartments: Seniors, Juniors, & Sophomores.
  • 6 Person Suites: Seniors, Juniors, & Sophomores. The percentage of all Sophomores groups depends on how many junior groups pick a 6 person suite.
  • 4 Person Suites: Seniors, Juniors, & Sophomores. Higher probability for full Sophomore groups compared to 6 person suite. Only Sophomores will be able to pick Shanley Hall.
  • Quads in Traditional Halls: Sophomores (limited quantity available)
  • Triples in Traditional Halls: Sophomores
  • Doubles in Traditional Halls: Seniors, Juniors, & Sophomores (limited quantity available). St. Joseph, Guzman, and Koffler Halls
  • Singles in Traditional Halls: Seniors, Juniors, & Sophomores (limited quantity available). Sullivan and Koffler Halls. Singles are not part of the Housing Selection process. Please contact Kevin Hillery at if you want to discuss living in a single.

Voluntary Overcrowding

Voluntary overcrowding an apartment, suite, or traditional hall room by 1 person per semester is permitted in order to keep friend groups together. Some information to keep in mind if you want to voluntary overcrowd.

  • Voluntary overcrowded rooms do not receive any housing rebate.
  • Voluntary overcrowding groups are given priority housing selection times. The only exception to this is full sophomore groups voluntary overcrowding a 6 person suite. These limited amount of suites are selected through the housing selection process.
  • No more than 1 student beyond the normal occupancy. For example: A 6 person suite can only have a maximum of 7 in a semester.
  • Generally, Davis and Bedford are NOT ideal for voluntary overcrowding. The rooms are tight. Cunningham, Ditraglia, Mal Brown, and McCarthy Halls provide a little more space. If your group is looking to voluntary overcrowding, it is encouraged to speak with current students in that housing situation for feedback.
  • There will not be any Voluntary Overcrowding allowed in Shanley Hall.
  • The triple set-up is flexible so please place a work order with the Physical Plant office with specifics of your room set up by July 1st.