Study Abroad Housing Information

Housing for Study Abroad and the Washington Semester Program

Housing Deposits and Applications

  • Students who have been approved for Fall or Spring Study Abroad must make a housing deposit regardless of living on campus for only one semester.
  • Students who study abroad for the entire academic year (both Fall and Spring semesters) do not need to put in a housing deposit or submit a housing application.
  • Only study abroad Spring students have to fill out the Fall 2024 Housing application. Abroad Fall students do not fill out any application in Erez at this time.
  • Students are only responsible for the housing costs during the semester that they reside in campus housing.

Study Abroad Fall and Spring Students Housing Process

  • Study Abroad Fall students do not participate in April 2024 Housing Selection. Abroad Fall students are to email Kevin Hillery at if they are part of a group with abroad spring or full year students.
  • Abroad Fall students are placed in their 2024-2025 housing after Junior Housing Selection (April 9th) and before Sophomore Housing Selection (April 23rd). A confirmation housing placement email will be sent to all Abroad Fall students between April 9th and April 23rd from Kevin Hillery (
  • Abroad Spring and Full year junior students pick housing on April 9th. These students are to fill out the Fall 2024 Housing Application and form a group. The group is to only have students that will be living on campus for the Fall Semester. Study Abroad Fall students are not to be placed in an Erez group.
  • Residence Life guarantees housing on campus for all Study Abroad students. Residence Life does not guarantee students will be placed in their requested housing or with a requested group. 
  • Rosters are set at the end of Housing Selection. Students that withdraw from study abroad after the Housing Selection process may forfeit their housing assignment and are subject to reassignment at the discretion of Residence Life.
  • Students that are full year but will be living in different locations each semester should form a group where they are living in the Fall semester in ErezLife. Then the student is to email with the names of the students they plan to live with in the Spring semester.